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As if hiding in plain view, the semi-forested foothills of Sugarloaf Mountain remain a mystery for many, and a setting known only to a few.

Only now, with the debut of the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain - a selection of 93 forested homesites within an exclusive 640-acre gated community - is its true treasure finally revealed.

Absolute privacy. Ultimate seclusion. Maximum room to roam. If it was just another rural spot on the map, it wouldn’t be the same.

But with the introduction of the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain, the only buyers who don’t love it are those who haven’t seen it yet. Unlike anything ever offered on this grand and natural scale before in King County, this community is designed with a profound level of respect for the environment by bringing low impact "green" development standards to this expansive and quiet reach of sylvan paradise.

Barely a bird's call from Lake Retreat, and a wind-whisper away from the protected Ravensdale Retreat Natural Area, this prestigious gated community is close to the healthy hum of Maple Valley's Four Corners for shopping and daily needs.

Its iconic namesake: Sugarloaf Mountain, a local landmark with a 600-foot elevation gain and 1,490-foot summit for hikers. Sugarloaf’s hillsides are rooted with western hemlock and big leaf maples that stand firm through time near patches of red alder that promise something new.

These are qualities that buyers at the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain have in common with the setting. For buyers who prefer to stretch beyond ordinary suburban living, this community captures the kind of lifestyle that blends a perfect balance: hundreds of acres of natural open space designed to protect and to explore - with a myriad of close commuter conveniences. It’s a place where children can succeed in award-winning Tahoma schools, and neighbors can access private trails for fresh-air hikes.

The Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain recognizes that its discerning buyers prefer parcels with a sense of security and vistas of the majestic Cascade foothills. It’s here - in the generations following this region’s rich timber-harvesting history and influential coal mining past - that the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain is defining the next chapters of what is to come: the good life - now available by the acre.

  • Exclusive 640-acre gated neighborhood with 93 fully developed 2.5-11+ acre homesites
  • Stately, private gated-entry for enhanced security
  • Over 250 acres of pristine private, open and natural outdoor recreation space
  • Distinctively grand homesites feature responsible pre-approved septic systems, and are permit-ready
  • Fresh and reliable public water from Covington Water District
  • Natural regional and territorial views with expansive and stunning vistas toward the Cascade foothills
  • Located within the award-winning Tahoma School District
  • Easy and direct access to arterial linking to the new expanded Four Corners commercial center with shopping, dining, and retail services
  • Extensive surrounding outdoor recreation opportunities including parks, rivers, lakes, trails and campsites

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