The Estates at Sugar Loaf Mountain


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2 acres
2 acres
10 acres
Greenbelt Corner Cul-de-sac
$ 200 ,000

The Estates at Sugarloaf

Assurance of Bountiful Acreage
Promise of Endless Opportunities

As if hiding in plain view, the semi-forested foothills of Sugarloaf Mountain remain a mystery for many, and a setting known only to a few.

Only now, with the debut of the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain - a selection of 93 forested homesites within an exclusive 640-acre gated community - is its true treasure finally revealed.

Absolute privacy. Ultimate seclusion. Maximum room to roam. If it was just another rural spot on the map, it wouldn’t be the same.

But with the introduction of the Estates at Sugarloaf Mountain, the only buyers who don’t love it are those who haven’t seen it yet...
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  • Exclusive 640-acre gated neighborhood with 93 fully developed 2.5-11+ acre homesites
  • Stately, private gated-entry for enhanced security
  • Over 250 acres of pristine private, open and natural outdoor recreation space
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